Formatting your article:
Size: B5 (18,2×25,7 cm)
top 3 cm
bottom 3 cm
left (outer edge) 3 cm
right (inner edge) 3 cm
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 11: Line spacing – 1.0 (simple)

Scope of a contribution:
Maximum of 10-15 standard pages in A4 format is recommended
An article must contain the following items in their respective order: title, subtitle (if there is any) in the language of a contribution and in English, contributor’s name (names), email address, author’s workplace, abstract in English (up to 200 words), key words (up to 6 words in English), text, list of bibliographical references, picture descriptions (if there are any), picture and graph references.
Besides original scientific and professional studies, every issue of the journal may contain essays of renowned academics, book reviews and information about international conferences as well as brief research outcomes from recently completed empirical explorations.

Citations and Lists of Bibliographical References:
Citations should take the following form:
STN ISO 690 – Documentation.

Bibliographical References:
References to these standard works should be consistent: the method of the first indication and the date.

Submitted contributions will be published only after the review process has taken place.

Dates for submissions: 1.2., 1.4., 1.6., 1.9., 1.11.